Our mission is straightforward and clear. We commit maximum energy, focus, expertise and dedication to develop lasting careers for each and every magnificent artist whom we are honored to exclusively represent. Partisan Arts was founded by Tom Chauncey in 2001, then expanded in 2010 to add agent Hank Sacks and expanded again in 2019 to add agent Ryan Farlow. We maintain an office in Sausalito, California.

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Our Team:

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Tom Chauncey

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Hank Sacks

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Ryan Farlow

Partisan - Tammie - finish.jpg

Tammie Hirsch

Partisan - Linda - finish.jpg

Linda Chauncey

Partisan - Connor - finish.jpg

Connor Martinez

Partisan - Thomas - finish.jpg

Thomas Ponsart

Partisan - Spencer - finish.jpg

Spencer Book

Partisan - Phil - finish.jpg

Phil Heilman

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General Inquiries

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Drawings by Rick Tulka